Python is a programming language that has been popularly used for web development, data analysis, and scientific computing. With Python being one of the most popular languages for beginners to learn, it’s important to know what qualities make the best Python developer. Read on to learn about these essential qualities before you hire.

What Makes the Best Python Developer? 10 Essential Traits

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The 7 Traits that Make the best Python developer

There are many qualities that make the best Python developer. The most important, though, is being able to write readable code. It’s also important for developers to have knowledge of basic computer science concepts, such as variables and syntax. Furthermore, they should be skilled in using advanced topics such as recursion or the switch statement. Additionally, they should have an interest in computer science topics and studies outside of their work.

A great Python developer should also be able to use advanced concepts such as having knowledge of advanced data structures like binary trees or heaps. Finally, they should be fluent in many different programming languages, not just Python.

What makes a good computer programmer? 3 Essential Traits

A great Python developer should also have basic traits that make him or her a great programmer in general.


Developers who have self-confident, independent personalities are most suitable as they are best to work with over time. Additionally, these personality traits correlate positively with job performance and on-the-job initiative, which is needed when hiring a developer.

An excellent portfolio of previous work

If your Python developer’s portfolio consists of outdated or poorly-made programs, you probably don’t want to hire them. You want someone who has experience with creating successful, high-quality projects.

Great reviews

Find out if other companies or individuals have had a good experience with this Python developer. They should have a list of satisfied customers who are ready to boast their work.

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