As the founder of your startup, you probably have the vision to take your business to where you want to go, but you may not have the technical skills to bring it to life. This is where a programmer comes in. No matter what product or service you offer, you most likely need to find software developers to build your website, an app, or even a program for your business. As the founder and CEO of a new startup, you will face a lot of competition when hiring the developers needed to move your business from a startup to a success.

Hiring software developers is the biggest challenge for startups and tech teams. As the world recognizes that every business is now a technology company — no matter its size or the product or service it provides — hiring the best developers is critical to survival. And so, it’s only natural that startups are now much more focused on hiring the right tech team and thus have their unique challenges in finding software developers. The difficult task is compounded by the fact that a very low percentage of software developers are unemployed and looking for work.

So if you are wondering how and where to hire freelance developers for your startup, you have come to the right place. The information below can help you find and choose the right candidate for your business.

Find Software Developers by Outsourcing

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Using an outsourcing service like Bydrec will give you access to several potential candidates best suited to what you’re looking for in terms of skill set and experience level! If your organization is looking to innovate or enhance its software development projects, websites, or app, Bydrec is ready to take care of this stressful process for you.

How Can Bydrec Help me Find Software Developers?

Bydrec will hire freelancers for you and take care of the recruitment work at a much lower price and in a shorter time frame. This is compared to the time it would take if you try having Human Resources hire employees for your company. The truth is, hiring an HR representative to hire another person might not be realistic for a startup. In addition, hiring an HR representative will not necessarily get you closer to the software developers that can help you. You need specialized recruiters for that!

The difference between us and an HR rep or hiring team is we have anyone you need right at our fingertips and are ready to begin now! And since it’s an outsourcing service, there are no extra expenses to hire new talent. Also, we make sure that you get developers who are a good fit for your team since they’ve already established themselves as excellent professionals among their peers before being recruited.

What Should I do to Prepare to Find Software Developers through Bydrec?

How we hire a developer for you will depend on your company’s budget, vision for the future, and what kind of person you are hoping to hire at your office. Doing your research into open positions is also a good idea since this will help you figure out what skill sets you need most. Putting together your interview process before hiring enables you to get results from candidates fast, ensuring that quality standards have been set before hiring even begins. There are many different traits that companies look for in their employees, but what you’re after is someone who cares about their work and has a passion for pushing themselves further to learn new things along the way.

How Does Hiring Work?

When hiring through an outsourcing company, here are the steps you will take:

  1. Get in contact with Bydrec (send us an email or give us a call) and tell us what position(s) you need to be filled (e.g., front-end developer, app developer, etc.).
  1. Bydrec will then send over developers’ resumes that we think fit your needs based on your description in step 1.
  1. After reviewing the resumes we send to you, contact those developers who interest you and set up interviews.
  1. When interviewing candidates, ask them as many questions as possible about their experience and the technologies they have used. It’s essential to find out how much experience a candidate has before you determine whether or not they are worth hiring. This is why it’s much better to hire from an outsourcing company like Bydrec because we already have access to thousands of developers that most likely fit your needs.
  1. After finding the best candidate, contact them directly and negotiate salary. Now all you need do is hire them!
  1. The next step would be for us to continue sending developers once you decide your hiring needs have increased or consider opening another office in a different area.
  1. Continue this process until all roles are filled at your startup.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using an outsourcing company like Bydrec, and this is why it’s such a widespread practice among young startups. It minimizes costs and time spent on finding developers because we already have extensive networks of developers we have worked with in the past.

For those reasons alone, it makes sense to hire from an outsourcing company like Bydrec rather than hiring directly from individual sources. This will reduce your startup’s spending and help ensure that you hire quality talent (because Bydrec has already vetted them by working with them in the past). And finally, it provides an opportunity for your startup to grow without having to worry about maintaining any extra costs if you don’t need their services at all times or if you want to outsource some of your work to save time.

The safest bet to bring this all together is to hire freelance software developers for your startup through ByDrec. We already have a good idea of where the market is going and how skillsets are growing or falling out of fashion.

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Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Northern California, Bydrec is a nearshore software development company that provides expert, bilingual software engineers to clients for their outsourcing needs. We offer highly skilled software developers at a low cost, and we are focused on excellent customer service and delivering customizable solutions. If your organization is looking to innovate or enhance its software development projects, Bydrec is ready for you. Contact Bydrec by calling (866) 219-7733, contacting us here, or emailing for nearshore software outsourcing you can trust.