With software development outsourcing becoming more and more popular, companies are starting to hire offshore developers from Latin America, and there are many reasons why. Latin America has thrived with highly skilled software engineers offering high-quality services at prices that rival some of the most popular outsourcing regions, such as India. But to first understand the other reasons why hiring dedicated offshore developers from Latin America is ideal, you should know that hiring from Latin America is considered nearshore (not offshore) since it is not overseas but adjacent to the United States. This difference will explain the main reasons why Latin America is ideal for US businesses looking to outsource their web development projects.

What is the Difference Between Nearshore and Offshore Outsourcing?

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Let’s take a journey to understand what Offshore and Nearshore outsourcing is all about.

Nearshore outsourcing is a cost-effective and practical way to outsource projects. The advantage of using this approach over traditional methods like offshore or onsite staffing, for example, is that you can maintain proximity between your company’s employees in both locations while still receiving the benefits associated with full-time personnel. This eliminates any language barriers preventing efficient collaboration. Nearshoring also affords many smaller companies access points into larger markets. In addition, it is a more secure way to outsource.

Offshore outsourcing is a relatively new phenomenon that has many different faces. Some companies choose this option as it can be less expensive than traditional methods. Still, there are tradeoffs: time zone differences will slow down communication between you both, and cultural misunderstanding could lead to poor work product or even increased labor costs altogether! And not only does it take longer, but there’s also less transparency overall!

Why Hire Offshore Developers from Latin America?

Same Time Zone

When you need a software solution that delivers business value, you need people you can trust to operate in your time zone and on your terms. With the development team nearshore, you are in the same time zone or only have a difference of 1-3 hours. Some communication cannot occur if time zones indicate that a team is working and the other is sleeping.

More Innovation

In addition, working with a coastal team adapted to your work culture and who knows how to manage the project according to your rules will make the process a success. Latin Americans share many aspects of the work culture used in the United States, such as the emphasis on innovation and the drive to create something new. You will find that the quality of the work you get from developers is high and that they often share your mindset. Latin America has adopted agile software development quickly, faster than any other region outside the US.

Lower Cost

Although it is probably not as cheap as in some countries commonly associated with outsourcing IT work, Latin American software developers will continue to deliver quality IT work at a significantly lower cost than their counterparts. It is difficult to determine an exact dollar amount of how much you can save by outsourcing to Latin America. But what can be said with certainty is that small and large businesses have found it convenient to bring in developers in Latin American countries to do their jobs in web development.

Many Latin American Countries Have Achievements in Tech


Uruguay has many local and international software suppliers and is currently investing heavily in infrastructure, computer programs, and software development.


The IT industry in Brazil is growing rapidly, and clients can enjoy merely a one-hour time zone difference for better project and communication efficiency.


Mexico is the closest country to the southern US border. In addition, it is home to top universities like The ITSEM that produces industry-ready programmers. Clients enjoy marginal to non-existent time zone differences.


Argentina is growing its IT infrastructure quickly to support your demands. In addition to Mexico and Brazil, the time zone barrier is small.


Columbia has over 5000 thriving IT companies and a minimal time zone difference.


Chile welcomes foreign collaboration, is time zone friendly, and Santiago houses 92% of the country’s software industries.

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