As technical recruiters, we know that finding—and retaining—competent, efficient developers can be extremely difficult. Outsourcing is usually the best solution; it’s fast, immediate, and generally the most cost-effective way to finding top-tier talent. But with the time zone difference, language barrier, and cultural dissimilarities, communication can oftentimes be difficult.

Which is why we prefer nearshoring.

Imagine recruiting expert developers who speak excellent English, work in your time zone, and are immediately available at half the going industry rate!

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Scope Management

Our team makes an educated estimate of the project’s scale by gathering all the details of the client’s proposal. Once we know exactly what it will entail, we use our team’s industry experience to identify and define the deliverables, outcomes, and benefits.

Requirements Management

Once our team has identified the deliverable outcomes of the client’s proposal, we can then focus on the framework, source code, and approach that it needs. We help the client document, analyze, and prioritize each requirement.

Project Planning & Estimation

By combining what we know about the client’s project outline, deliverables, and overall objectives, we are then able to create a realistic price and plan for the project—one that ensures all intentions are met without compromise.


At Bydrec, we prioritize simple and straightforward communication. As the project manager, we ensure that all questions, issues, and concerns from both parties—the client company and the software developers—are raised as soon as possible to allow for adequate response time.

Proximity, language, time zone, culture … these are neither issues nor barriers with nearshore developers. We offer Colombian full-stack developers, system administrators, and UI designers that have a perfect grasp of English. They possess the talent, motivation, and technical expertise to give any client the competitive advantage.

For potential clients that are still not 100% convinced, Bydrec offers the chance to “give us a shot—for free.” Our team can take a look at resumes, share platforms, and offer all the information the client needs before they officially sign a contract with us.

Ready to try Nearshoring? Then this is Why You Should Work with Bydrec:

BYDREC Recruits & Assembles the Best Match for Your Business & Project Objectives

When a client signs on with Bydrec, we guarantee peace of mind throughout the entire duration of their project. We are a full project-management team capable of handling all the little details—from assigning IT roles to debugging the deliverables. We get to know the client company, get to know their specific objectives, and then tailor fit our management processes to suit their needs.

We handle all the ins and outs of matching clients with the right development team, coming up with contingency plans, and managing effortless communication between involved parties.

What’s more? All our services are available at half the cost of our industry competitors.


Expect smoother communication and faster project development times with our staffing of expert developers.